A billion data records leaked in 2014

Security News

2014 was the year when “designer vulnerabilities” emerged, when breaches and security incidents were being announced so fast that we struggled to keep up, when old financial malware began being used to hit new targets.

The recently released IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly notes that in 2014:

  • More than a billion emails, credit card numbers, passwords and other types of personally identifiable information have been leaked online in wake of security breaches. “Based on pure volume, the total number of records breached in 2014 was nearly 25 percent higher than in 2013,” the researchers added.
  • When primary points of entry are well secured, cyber attackers will seek other ways to breach the target. “A prime example was the public disclosure of sensitive photos stored on a cloud service. The security of the cloud service itself was not fundamentally flawed, but users’ weak passwords and easy-to-guess security questions, coupled with lax…

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